What happens when you help someone?

What takes place when you meet another person's need?

What do you experience when you give of yourself?


About us

The Network of Caring in Ukraine is one of the departments of the huge “Network of Caring” all over the world, which founders are Jim & Nancy Dornan. Now in Ukraine too, we can help people who are expecting and waiting for our help and support.

2011 г.

the date of the foundation’s start in Ukraine

1 650 +

wheelchairs are given in Ukraine


activities implemented

26469 +

teammates in Ukraine



 The project’s goal

To help receive a free wheelchair to those people around us who really need such help. Everyone who wants and can is invited to participate in this project.

Make goodness


To attract people’s attention to the children who acutely need help and attention. The development of the project in the entire territory of Ukraine to help those children as effectively as possible.


In November 2011, the Paris was a host for футболу в инвалидных креслах, the guests of which were from BF “Network of Caring”, Vera Arkhipova, Alexei Mautanov, Tatyana Stolyarenko, as well as the foundations’ partners – the head of ‘Chance’ Health Center (Bila Tserkva city) and his son.

The only ones who will be really happy are those who serve.

Dr. Albert Schweitzer


Our Mission

is to bring together those with the need for help and those with the need to help, that both may experience significance.

Our Process

is to unite and inspire a network of caring friends to serve those in need.

Our Invitation

is for you to experience significance by partnering with and Network of Caring so we can change the lives of others.


21 strategy is a support program for everyone interested in supporting Network of Caring. Though there are many different people in Network 21 worldwide, most everyone wants to help others through Network of Caring. Network of Caring's 21 STRATEGY gives each person from every income level the opportunity to support Network of Caring.

If just 5000 people gave $21 a year that would be:


If just 1000 people gave $21 a month that would be:


If just 200 people gave $21 a week that would be:


If just 40 people gave $21 a day that would be:


If just 8 people gave $21,000 a year that would be:


If 6248 people gave what they could a year that would be:


Would you help those in need around the world through Network of Caring's 21 STRATEGY ?

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